Saturday, June 30, 2012

Take inspiration and Kill fear of Diabetes

All you need to do live happily is to kill the fear of diabetes hampering your day to day activities. Its easier said than done. So the best way is to look at those who did it and conquered the fear of diabetes with knowledge and courage, and take their advice and adopt it to your life as per your need. There are many sites which show you many inspirational personalities that you can study.

Go here to get list of many people who were affected by type 1 diabetes or type 2 diabetes and their details on respective pages. Few of them were inspirational like Wasim Akram, Doug Burns, Sean Busby and many more all type 1 diabetes yet successful in life in their own way. Another interesting person is Ayden Byle, who co-founded "Diabetes Research Foundation and the Cure Diabetes Now Foundation". Sean Busby at young age took up cause "how to encourage children with type 1 diabetes to take up ski and snowboard as part of life safely by conducting camps and spreading awareness.

If you don't like cricket you may not know Wasim Akram, if you follow it you know him as one of the best bowlers cricketing arena ever found. But most of the cricket fans don't even know he is type 1 diabetes. Doug Burns is another special sports person whom most of us don't now as he is in fitness area who held titles like Mr. California, Mr. USA, and Mr. Universe. He even authored a book for diabetic patients named The Diabetes Antidote An Exercise Prescription To Prevent Type 2, To Combat Type 1 which is really inspirational to read. You can get it for discount at here.

Hope this helps you to get more inspiration to find more happiness out of your life. Good Luck.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

How your thought process affects diabetes?

Have you ever thought how your thought process can affect diabetes status? If not think about it now, better late than never. As an individual you have thoughts which affect your life positively as well as negatively, the same thoughts can affect your diabetic status. Yes that may be very difficult to understand or believe if you even understand, due its own reasons and complexity of the disease's social effects.

It can be better understood by an example rather than a plain and simple statements.

For example we will go through a daily activities on a dull day and an active day. On an dull day what all can happen to person who is a diabetic, who is on regular medication, regular exercise, regular office of home activities is surprisingly normal or lead to poor or tight sugar control which may be devastating. It will be normal o near normal only if the individual is having good will power to counter the negative effects of thought process on a dull day on exercise and daily activities and food intake. But high chances that the sugar control will be more towards dangerously low or unwanted high level because of irregularity in exercise and drug intake and food intake changes. In other words if you start with a dull day you are bound to have more problems with your diabetes and you will get trapped in that vicious circle.

On an actively healthy happy day most of the things will be in your favor, in the sense good sugar control chances are high until unless you land up taking too much of food and/or alcohol. Very less chance that you will have problem secondary to good active happy day and completed your daily routines including exercise, medicine intake, food intake and other daily activities you were accustomed to.

Even though these examples looks very bland to look at it but they are crucial components in any diabetics life earlier you understand yourself that will be better. Keep reading and know your self better for better life with diabetes.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Denial and difficulty in Diabetes management

Denial mode in which a person and his or her family comes to a doctor is very important factor which makes patient management by their doctor difficult. It is known that very one wants to be healthy form whole time of their life but its unfortunately natural to have one or the other disease with varying intensities. Even the most healthiest person if under goes a whole body screening he or she will have something which not absolutely normal, but may be it will be in functionally acceptable condition (that we call as normal).

What we are trying to impress is that very one wants to be normal but due to there genetic make-up and its response to environmental factors and age + lifestyle one or the other disease will come-up, it is true for even diabetic patient. This aspect of disease is not acceptable to many of the patients and they go into denial mode where they don't accept that they have a problem called diabetes and even if they have it they continue to doubt the diagnosis of the same. By doing this they are actually asking for trouble. As all of us know any disease treatment involves not only medication but also lifestyle changes along with plus or minus dietary changes.

Now the Problem is here - till the patient is in denial mode for diabetes his or her dietary changes and lifestyle modifications including exercises are not going to be very disciplined and loses the initial control advantage, which could be very useful in anyone's postponement of complications of diabetes and other disease.

Here is the role of Physician to make the patient and their family members to understand the problem and get them out of the denial mode so that they can put there 100% efforts in fighting the disease and take control of the disease in their youth to live long healthily

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Why we try to hide our disease including diabetes?

As a human I you & everyone has tendency to put forward our best face, that is true even in diabetic patients that they want to be healthy and they at least want to declare themselves healthy. Its good for every one that positive thinking is flowing across, but it has negative impact also. You may ask how people with disease want be healthy but they decide to declare themselves healthy and fail to follow healthy life style then the trouble becomes big. Even though social behavior of an individual is heavily affected by the societies attitude towards the people with problem, which never get resolved.

This situation can be explained better with example. Think about a diabetic who is young wants to have a good job and life (as every one of us want it) but that person is afraid of declaring the diabetic status due to the fear of not getting best out of this world. But individual continue to take medication for diabetes, and some good day he fails to take proper food and lands up in hypoglycemia leading unconsciousness. Here is the problem if every one know that the individual is diabetic first think will think about is diabetic complication - hypoglycemia or hyperglycemia, get for immediate medical attention and prevent the catastrophic event in a hypoglycemic patient.

This is how any one should think about concealing disease and its effects then take a decision to conceal it or not. If you want conceal it for any compelling reasons then at least don't conceal it from your near and dear ones and carry a card in your pocket about your disease status so that even a unknown person can understand you health problem when you are in need.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Weight loss variables and confusin

Variables in weight loss and confusion, is a long standing problem & been food for thought without any doubts. People who accepts that are happy while discussing it and other don't feel frustrated. The best way to understand any situation is by going through it personally or by learning through examples which are happening in front of us on day to day basis.

Here also its better to understand that variability in weight loss by example, so that we can avoid confusion. For example a person who is diabetic obese hypertensive and also ages 55yrs is different from person aged 35yrs obese diabetic and hypertensive. This was just an example to tell how much variability is seen in these patients. Just to explain if we add or subtract any disease to any age group the whole situation for that person changes and the way he or she has to reduce weight for their healthy life will be different. Variables are limitless even though all of us try to give a universal prescription to weight loss, which is some time very risky.

Lesson learnt is think about the dangerous variables in any patient or individual before prescribing weight loss protocols.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Why we should get rid of diabetes at home?

Why we should do this?

If you have read my last post then you are clear what is this all about.

Still I will try to expand it. See diabetes as I already expressed is one disease which can drain the economy of individual, family, society of that matter even the nation. SO considering the fact the amount of pressure each individual will be under going due to diabetes its worth getting rid of it from the family.

If it is not possible to get rid of the evil then even prevention of complication of the same is worth the time effort put into.

I would just like to give an example so that you can understand why you should be planning to get rid of diabetes from the family?

Think of a situation where a bread earning member of the family get diabetes and lands up with a complication and he or she is not working for Govt, means no work no salary or income. SO if that person gets a complication and unable to go for work for 15 days or so just think what may be happening in that family for daily requirements and just think of the small kids if any and elderly if they are dependent the diseased member.

Every one will be shattered from normal life. This is an example which just shows the tip of most dreaded disease among the non communicable diseases. So beware the non sense and get rid of it from today.

Good Luck
Sreenivasa Iyengar

Monday, May 7, 2007

Can Diabetes be your problem at home?

Can Diabetes be your problem at home? If you can answer this question then your knowledge of diabetes should be more than average. That how I predict when some one speaks about diabetes. Why I say so? Its quite obvious one who knows about diabetes also knows how much it can affect anyone’s family when it comes to agony and economy.

If you got the clue that’s fine if not read on to know how diabetes can create havoc at anyone’s home.

Just think about a family with five members with one earning head. Usually it comprises of husband and wife with three kids or two parents and one kid or for that matter any other combination. One Earning member may be husband or wife.

If a earning member gets diabetes then just think of how much man hour wasted and money wasted by not getting productive during the wasted time. So you balance is tilted to negative side. This is only talking about the investigations and consultation for the disease. If unfortunately the earning member gets stuck in diabetes complication whole family economy goes to hell and other members are nowhere.

I am just giving example of one incidence, which can be devastating anyone’s family. Just because your family don’t have diabetes doesn’t make you immune to diabetes. Be vigilant learn more about the risks and other controlling factors to live happily and safely with diabetes if it even happens in your life.

Look out for my next post “Why we should get rid of diabetes at home”. Till then see you bye.